The Importance of Your 3-in-1 Credit Report And Score

When you are applying for a home loan, a car loan, or any kind of loan for that matter, your 3-in-1 credit report and score plays a very important role in getting approved. This report basically measures your paying performance as well as your ability and capability to pay your obligations. A high score indicates that you are a good creditor and this increases your chances of getting your loan applications approved.

It often helps you a lot, emotionally, to know your chances of getting approved before actually filing your loan application. If your credit score shows that you are not a good creditor, spare yourself the trouble of approaching any lending institution. Instead, take steps to correct the problem first.

You can secure your credit report and score from credit reporting agencies. In most cases you will need to subscribe to avail yourself of their services, and that means paying a certain fee. Since there are many agencies that provide credit reporting services, you may need to explore all possible options. Search the Web for those agencies that are already established to be reliable so you can be sure that all pieces of information entered are really based on facts.

Even if you believe you are engaging the services of one of the best reporting agencies on the web, it cannot sometimes be helped that some information will turn up to be untrue or inaccurate. In such a case, you can try disputing the claim by looking up the number of the creditor concerned. Actually, you can easily see in your credit report, a list of your creditors with contact numbers. If the error is only minor in nature, you can settle it over the phone. However, no matter how small the problem is, make sure to correct it at once as this can affect your score somehow.

You can get a free credit report when you avail yourself of the free trial offer. However, if you don’t want to continue with the subscription, you must know how to cancel it before the end of the trial period; otherwise, you will be billed by the agency when the trial period ends.

If you happen to have a low score, there are means to improve it. For instance, begin by meeting your obligations on time, and don’t wait for your debts to accumulate. Opening a checking account with a bank also helps to improve your rating.

It is important to understand that your credit report isn’t just for applying loans. It reflects your personality, too, so without it, you are practically non-existent where credit companies are concerned.

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Everyone has had a bump on the road and at some point got a blemish on their credit. It is good to know that you have options! I did this and my credit score went up by 100 points I started with a 540 credit score and I am now @ 700! None of this is sponsored this is just my personal take and recommendations!

I also forgot to mention you want to make sure none of the negative marks are out of their SOL (statue of limitations) if they are past that they have to be removed, federal law says 7 years on your credit but every state is different some states only require it to be 5 years, the state overrides that rule!! FYI 😉

2 Basic Steps!

– Dispute, Dispute, Dispute!
– Start with 3 secured cards at one time for a year!
– Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, or Annual Credit for a copy of your free credit report.

I have linked the 3 Credit Agencies for you guys to quickly access the dispute section!




Capital One Secured Card –

// the direct link for it was a little weird I couldn’t copy and paste it right, but this is their main page and the link is on the 1st page (:

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