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Title: Annual report Year: 1902( 1900s)Writers: New York(State). Forest, Fish as well as Game Commission Subjects:< a href =""> Forests and forestry Fisheries Game and also game-birds Author: [Albany, N.Y.: The Payment] Adding Collection: Smithsonian Libraries Digitizing Enroller: Biodiversity Heritage Library View Publication Page: Book Audience Regarding This Book: Catalog Entrance Sight All Images: All Pictures From Book Visit this site to view book online to see this image in context in a browseable online versionof this book. Text Appearing Prior to Picture: 10,000 Lake Trout fry 49,000 Lake Trout fingerlings 1,000 Rainbow Trout fry 12,000 Pike-Perch …; 300,000 Shad 1,250,000
Smelt 5,160,000 Tomcods 34,700,000 Whitefish 250,000 Overall 42,361,800 DELAWARE HATCHERY. Brook Trout fry 95,000 Creek Trout fingerlings 45,500 Brook Trout yearlings 39,000 Brownish Trout fry 100,000 Brown Trout fingerlings 72,000 Overall 35 ^,5 ° ° FULTON CHAIN BREEDING GROUND. Brook Trout fry 260,000 Grayling Trout fry 180,000 Rainbow Trout fry 20,000 Frostfish 2,795,000 Complete 3,255,000 ONEIDA HATCHERY. Pike-Perch 60,280,000 Whitefish 10,366,000 Overall 70,646,000 FOREST, FISH As Well As VIDEO GAME COMMISSION.PLEASANT VALLEY HATCHERY. Creek Trout fry 145,000 Brook Trout fingerlings 98,000 Brook Trout yearlings 9,000 Brownish Trout fry 165,000 Brown Trout fingerlings 81,000 Brownish Trout yearlings. 30,500 Lake Trout fingerlings 47,000 Lake Trout yearlings 48,500 Rainbow Trout fingerlings 32,000 Rainbow Trout yearlings 14,500 Complete…:.: … 670,500 Grand overall result 140,981,055 153 Text Appearing After Picture: Report of tfye Cfyief Video game Guard 1903 To tl)e Forest, Pisl )as well as( iame Commission: GENTLEMEN.– According to your guidelines I hereby
submit areport of business of my Division for the year ending on Septem-ber 30, 1903. It shows the work carried out by the pressure of protectors inthe bringing of activities, the amount of healings in penalties as well as penalties, and also thetime served in prison by a number of persons; the number and value of internet as well as otherdevices for the taking of fish which, while being used in offense of regulation, wereseized and damaged; the amount obtained for the sale of the hardwood confiscatedfrom trespassers who had been wooding on State land, as well as the sale of oldabandoned structures, with each other with a summary of the qualified nets ran bycommercial fishermen, with the fees obtained; the amount and value of the fishcaught during the year, and various other issues of rate of interest. Much credit schedules the Legislature for the useful amendments, passed at thelast session, which secu Keep in mind About Images Please keep in mind that these images are extracted from checked web page photos that could have been digitally enhanced for readability -coloration as well as appearance of these images might not perfectly appear like the initial