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Image from page 37 of “Negro slavery in northern colonies” (1902)
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Identifier: negroslaveryinno00bogg
Title: Negro slavery inside north colonies
Year: 1902 (1900s)
Writers: Boggess, Arthur Clinton
Topics: Slavery Theses
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slaves tend to be set-down to Massachusetts.This return, made: by the marshal!, of district, may be consideredas the formal evidence of the abolition of slavery in Massachusetts,especially as no individual because did actually contest the legality of thereturns. M. H. S. Coll. We, IV, 199, 204. It is hardly proba-ble that none of these negroes and raulattoes were held as slaves,although many was in fact manumitted, and traffic in slaves had beenforbidden in Massachusetts in 1788.^ Vermont is paid with 17 slaves. It was the end result ofa clerical error, and was officially corrected in 1870.^ The census of 1790 offered how many no-cost blacks as 59527.These had been about similarly divided between no-cost states and slave states.The coloured factor at this census constituted ifg larger proportionof the people than ever before after, viz., 19.3 per cent. 1. Hist, of Slavery in Mass., 247. 2. Ibid, 125. 3. Ibid, 226. 4. New Eng. Hist, and Geneal. Regiater XIIX, 248. || 5. Amer. Statistical Assn Pub., 1890-91, 93.

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In the interests of comparison a few statistics of this quantity ofslaves somewhere else than in the north colonies receive. The Lordsof trade-in 1721 reported: in sc, 9000 whites and 12000 blacks;in vermont, 1600 residents that about one-third a. 3.were blacks; in Maryland, 34796 whites, 7935 negroes; in Pennsyl-vania, 60000 whites and 5000 blacks, although other people tend to be believed to haveestimated only half this number. In 1764, Colonel Bradstreet wrote:lam guaranteed by people late-ly from Illinois, that solely of the French Garrisons there,the Inhabitants are 600 fighting guys, have one thousand Negroes well-accustomed to your utilization of small arms, averse to the taking ownership sr. for the nation. The amount of negro slaves bartered for in one yeai? ( 1768) on coastline of Africa, from Cape Blanco to Rio Congo, because of the various European countries, amounts below: Great Britain, 53,100; British Us citizens, 6,300; France, 23,520; Holland, 11,300; Portugal, 1,700;

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