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Identifier: greatamericanboo01mabi
Title: The great United states guide of biography
Year: 1896 (1890s)
Writers: Mabie, Hamilton Wright, 1846-1916 Garnett, William, 1850- [from old catalog] Thomas, Allen Clapp, 1846- [from old catalog] Ellis, Edward Sylvester, 1840- [from old catalog] Birdsall, William Wilfred. [from old catalog] Johnson, Willis Fletcher, 1857-1931 Willard, Frances E. (Frances Elizabeth), 1839-1898 International publishing business, Philadelphia. [from old catalog]
Publisher: Philadelphia and Chicago, Overseas writing business
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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s,and tried to shield on their own in cloak of patriotism and commitment to theUnion. When threatened with publicity and discipline, such men of coursesought to help make the celebration responsible for their particular deeds, and involve it in 438 JAMES G. BLAINE. effects. The end result ended up being the era of scandal of funds 2nd adminis-tration, whenever Credit Mobilier, the Whiskey Ring frauds, and theBelknap episode had been delivered to light. A passion for investigation fol-lowed. Every prominent community guy which manifested any unwillingness to havehis private affairs made public dropped under suspicion. Mr. Blaine was too shininga mark to-be missed. He had been accused of having already been bribed with a present of|Little Rock and Fort Smith railway bonds, by the Union Pacific Railroad Com-pany, when Speaker of the House, to offer a decision favoring that organization.He was accused of steaHnsf letters—his own letters—which would have incrim-inated him ; and for years he was pursued with charges of varied types of cor-

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VS1I1M.1N A.NU JKFFEKSON COLLEGE, WASH 1 .i. 1 ■ … lA. ruption. These fees he completely disproved on to the floor of the home,showing which he had bought the bonds, and had lost over ,000 by theirpurchase. After meeting and disproving the slanders against him, he stated:— Having today seen the 2 fees that have been so thoroughly circu-lated, I shall keep from calling the eye of your home to your other people thatmay be developed. To estimate the language of another, I do perhaps not recommend tomake my community life a perpetual and unconifortable ilea-hunt, in vain effortsto run down stories with no foundation in truth, that are frequently anonymous,and whoever complete refutation brings no punishment to those who have beenguilt) of originating all of them. INGERSOLLS SPEECH. 439 The first charge against him, however, served its purpose. It absolutely was made ashort time before the Repubhcan meeting of 1876, whenever Blaine ended up being the mostprominent prospect for Presidential nomination. For several

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