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Image from page 59 of “The normal history of Uk wild birds, or, A selection of the essential rare, beautiful and interesting wild birds which inhabit this nation : the explanations through the Systema naturae of Linnaeus : with basic findings, often original
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Title: The normal history of Uk birds, or, A selection of the absolute most rare, beautiful and interesting wild birds which inhabit this nation : the explanations from the Systema naturae of Linnaeus : with basic observations, either initial or gathered through the newest and most esteemed English ornithologists : and adorned with figures, drawn, engraved, and coloured from initial specimens
12 Months: 1794 (1790s)
Writers: Donovan, E. (Edward), 1768-1837 Latham, John, 1740-1837 Pennant, Thomas, 1726-1798 Gilbert, Richard, 1794-1852, printer Donovan, E. (Edward), 1768-1837. All-natural history of the nests and eggs of Uk wild birds Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778. Systema naturae. Regnum animale F. and C. Rivington (company), writer F., C. and J. Rivington (Firm), publisher Law and Gilbert, printer R. & R. Gilbert (Firm), printer Leverian Museum (London, England)
Subjects: Birds
Publisher: London : Printed for the author, as well as for F. and C. Rivington …
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e Hawk. Edw. 225. male.Hen-harrier. Pennants Brit. Appliance N° 58. /, 28*Lath. Gen. Syn. I. p. 88. 74, F 3U PLATE LIX. Le Lanier cendre. Brif. orn. I. p. 365. N° 17.Le Foucon a Collier. Do. 1. />. 345. N° 7. ;»#&.LOifTeau St. Martin. Buff. oif. 1. />. 212.—PL enl 459.Grau-weiiTe Geyer. Frijch. I. 79. 80,Rubetarius. TurnerL Many authors have actually fuppofed the Ring-tail is the feminine of theHen-harrier, but Mr. Pennant doesn’t fubfcribe to this generalopinion ; he obferves for the Ring-tail, from fome late obferva-tions because of the infallible guideline of diffe&ion, males have been found ofthis fpecies. And Mr. Latham, after seeing the opinion ofPennant, fays, for this I may include personal obfervations; theBird we now polfefs, as an Englijh fpecimen, becoming fet straight down in mynotes as a male. The Hen-harrier is quite deftructive to the youthful poultry, fkimsthe floor when it flies, and will not perch on woods. Lengthfeventeen inches, breadth three foot three ins^ weight twelveounces. PLATE 6o

Text Appearing After-image:
PLATE LX. MOTACILLA RUBETRA. WHINCHAT. Passe res.Bill conic, pointed, Noftrils egg-shaped, wide, nude. GENERIC CHARACTER. Bill ftrait, {loan provider. Tongue jagged. SPECIFIC CHARACTER AND STNO NTMS. Above reddifh brown, with dark fpots. Beneath reddifh yellow,a white flroke within the eye, and an extensive one below it. Two whitefpots on the wings. Upper half of the tail white, lower 1 / 2 black.Bill, lips and feet black colored. Motacilla Rubetra. Lin. Syji. Nat. i. 186, 18. edit. 10.^ Scop. Ann. i. N° 237.Kram. eh p. 375. N° 5,Whinchat. Rati Syn. p. 76. A. 3.Will. Orn. p. 22J.Penn. Brit. Z00L I. I.Lath. Gen. Syn. 4. 454. 54. Le PLATE LX. Lc grand Traquet, ou le Tarier. Brif. orn. 3. p, 432. N° 26. pi 24./. 1. Buff. down. 5. p. 224.—PL enl 678. /. 2.Geftettenfehlagar. j£r«w. 375.Groffer Fliegenfuenger. Frijch. f. 22. This is certainly a standard Bird in mod: elements of Europe. In Englandit is feen in North just within the fummer ; however in the Southern it con-tinues your whole year. It’s frequently feen regarding the heaths w

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